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Mohammed Al Balushi – CEO of the Innovation Center of the Dubai International Financial Center – Dubai FinTech Summit

1) What are the Fintech objectives of Dubai Government and the expected outcomes of Dubai fintech summit 2024?
The objective of the conference is to gather the largest number of CEOs and decision-makers in the financial technology sector to identify the areas of focus. While it is easy to set the agenda and identify the key topics, the sector itself needs to determine its market needs, such as banks, startups, and companies, in order to set the agenda for the Dubai fintech summit and determine the areas of focus. This preparation is for May 2024.

2) What is the expected attendance for the summit?
This summit is expected to attract over 8,000 speakers, an increase from last year’s which was 5,300. The speakers will represent more than 200 organizations from over 100 countries like Ripple CEO, Fire Block CEO, Mobius Partners – Founder, all gathering in Dubai to represent the financial world and Fintech. The goal is to have the largest presence from the financial technology sector in shaping the future of the financial sector.
More details can be found on the website.

3) What are the expected outcomes of this event?
The goal is to gather a large number of companies and discuss the challenges in the financial and financial technology sectors.

4) What are the main accompanying events of the summit?
We are currently planning the summit and the main topics for the agenda. For example, there will be 5 panel discussions focusing on modern trends such as the use of artificial intelligence in the financial sector, blockchain, and sustainability in the financial sector.

5) What are the main initiatives accompanying the summit?
One of the main initiatives is the “FinTech World Cup” where 10 companies from selected countries compete, and the winner will attend the summit in Dubai. The prize value is one million dollars for the winner.

6) What is the criteria of winning in the “FinTech World Cup” initiative?
The companies are evaluated by investors based on their team performance, sector, and technology. The winner is selected based on these evaluations.

7) Is there a specific country’s Fintech experience presented as a model for other companies?
Yes, there are countries and major cities that have similar summits, such as Singapore, London, and New York.

8) Is there a special guest of honor for the conference?
This conference focuses on sector leaders – More details can be found on the website.

9) What is the number of participants in terms of national banks?
Several leading national banks are participating this year, along with global banks, with the aim of raising Dubai’s reputation globally.