25 February، 2024

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DUBAi, 28 Jan 2024 – Este Medical Group, a worldwide authority in cosmetic and medical excellence, is thrilled to unveil its latest branch in the prestigious Jumeirah area of Dubai! With a global presence spanning four continents, including iconic locations like London, New York, and Istanbul, Este Medical Group brings unparalleled expertise to the heart of Dubai .

Revolutionizing Beauty and Wellness in Dubai – Este Medical Group’s Grand Entrance
Este Medical Group’s strategic expansion marks a pivotal moment in the brand’s journey, ushering in nearly 25 years of excellence and unparalleled client care to the dynamic city of Dubai. The highly anticipated soft opening is scheduled for the end of February, followed by a spectacular grand opening event in April 2024.

Magnificence Design in Jumeirah – Este Medical Group’s Commitment to Elegance
Este Medical Group is eager to solidify its presence in Dubai’s esteemed Jumeirah, emphasising the brand’s dedication to delivering accessible and premium hair transplant and cosmetic services. The newly revealed clinic span 1056 (sq.m) over three floors and a basement, strategically catering to the diverse and discerning clientele of the region.
Upon entering the clinic, guests will be immersed in a transformative ambiance, accompanied by captivating piano recitals. Guests embark on their beauty journey in the chic ambiance of the first floor, adorned with exclusively designed white and gold hues. The stylish “Este Café” welcomes visitors with an inviting atmosphere, offering a daily selection of healthy smoothies, specialty coffee and tea selections, skillfully prepared by Este baristas. At the heart of Este Café, an elegant olive tree atop a marble counter symbolises abundance, encapsulating the essence of sophistication. The first and second floors feature treatment rooms and waiting areas, while the terrace offers stunning views of the iconic Burj Khalifa one one side and Burj Al Arab on the other.

VIP Experience and Unmatched Convenience
Este Medical Group understands the importance of convenience for its esteemed clients, offering valet parking services and se lf- parking options. A subterranean parking facility, an exclusive welcoming team, and private elevator services ensure a discreet and elevated experience for those seeking privacy.

Signature Services and World-Class Experts
Este Medical Group proudly presents a repertoire of signature services, including hair transplants, patented hair loss treatments, plastic surgery, body contouring, and skincare. The globally renowned Ph.D. MD Alp Bayramoglu and his team, revered as pioneers in the field, conduct hair transplant operations. Ph.D.MD Bayramoglu is a highly skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon performing manual FUE technique. With a focus on manual FUE procedure, he has undergone extensive training and continues to stay at the forefront of the latest advancements in hair restoration. He has attended many international and national hair transplantation congresses and workshops both as a speaker and instructor.
Additionally, Este Medical Group has appointed Aya Alhamad as the director for its forthcoming clinic in Dubai, bringing valuable expertise with over five years in Dubai’s medical sector and holding degrees in pharmacy and laboratory medicine. Her professional journey commenced in a hospital setting, and she later diversified through pharmaceutical sales. Aya discovered her passion for aesthetic medicine upon relocating to Dubai. Este Medical Group anticipates that Aya’s diverse and rich experience will play a significant role in contributing to the success of the upcoming clinic in Dubai.

Founder and CEO Sam Cinkir’s Vision for Este Medical Group
Este Medial Group’s Visionary Founder and CEO, Sam Cinkir, declares, “As the founder of Este Medical Group, I am thrilled to announce our bold entry into Dubai, a city that sets the global benchmark for beauty standards. Este Medical Group is not just a clinic; it’s a revolution—a commitment to redefine beauty norms through innovation, bespoke high-end services, and the expertise of prime specialists and top-tier doctors armed with cutting-edge technology. We aspire to become the epitome of beauty benchmarks, setting new standards in the industry”