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Benedetta Paravia show her NFT “Winners” in FT NFT phigytal gallery Dubai Mall

Dr Benedetta Paravia aka Princess Bee is an Italian with Emirati twist artist, producer, adviser and philanthropist who lived in Dubai for 20 years. Her NFT “Winners” will be displayed from December 15th to Jan 10th in FT NFT phigytal gallery in Dubai Mall, China Town, portraying HH Sheikh Mohammed the Ruler of Dubai and His son HH Fazza’:

I love to attend the Royal Ascot. I used to go almost every year with my mother to this beautiful and traditional horse competition. We were guests of the late beloved Queen Elisabeth in the Royal Enclosure. I loved to be in the Parade Ring attending most of the awards ceremony. It was 2016 when His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and His son the Crown Prince Hamdan were looking at the Queen standing in the parade ring just few seconds before their Godolphin horse Portage was called for the award! I was just next to them and I was quick to click that beautiful moment. My picture is amazing, having the profile of Sheikh Mohammed looking straight and the face of His son behind him, looking both the same direction. Finally, I have elaborated this glorious picture with many Godolphin horses who created pixels reproducing the picture in this creative way. My part of the selling will be used for Intisar Almshalah, a Gaza girl I saved since when she was 5 years old when she had liver cancer. She had a liver transplant in Rome but got cancer again but I didn’t give up so she had few more surgeries and she is now fine and best student at school and a promising adult with values. Today she is 19 years old. Her house was bombed few weeks ago and she lost her passport. I need to take her out of Gaza but I will also have to pay the expenses for the rest of her family: parents and siblings. Since 2008 I have established in Italy A.N.G.E.L.S. National Association of Great Energies Leading Solidarity to take care of children coming from war afflicted areas.
Benedetta Paravia @benedettaparavia