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Emirates Draw FAST5 Off to a Fast Start: South African Wins Big in Raffle Draw

Dubai, UAE 1 June 2023: In its commitment to fast-tracking dreams and creating extraordinary lives, Emirates Draw’s latest game, FAST5, is already proving itself a game-changer. In its very first edition, the new game has showcased its transformative power with Michael De Bruin from South Africa winning the Raffle Draw prize of AED 75,000. This remarkable win in the first draw highlights the uniqueness of the game, as it features a 5-ball draw from a pool of only 42, providing ticket holders with a faster route to a worry-free life.

Among the fortunate few who have experienced this game-changer is Michael, a 38-year-old resident of the UAE. Although a regular player of Emirates Draw’s other games, MEGA7 and EASY6, De Bruin hadn’t initially planned on participating in FAST5. It was only through a friend’s recommendation that he decided to give it a try. Little did Michael know that this decision would lead him down an extraordinary path.

When De Bruin received the news of his incredible win in the Raffle Draw, he was overcome with a mix of disbelief and cautious optimism. Having received notifications of smaller winnings in the past, he couldn’t help but wonder if this prize was too good to be true. “It’s a little difficult to believe when you’ve won something, especially with all the scams out there trying to make you doubt your luck,” Michael admitted with a chuckle. However, after carefully cross-referencing the Emirates Draw website and app, he slowly began to accept the reality of his win.

De Bruin acknowledged the role luck plays in life. “I’ve always believed in luck. If you don’t participate, you can’t expect to win,” he wisely noted. As for the FAST5 Draw win, Michael intends to exercise caution and put the prize money into savings for now, with no immediate plans.

As a prime example of the UAE’s commitment to becoming the happiest place in the world, Emirates Draw continues to fast-track dreams into reality, creating equal opportunities for all participants with its games.

FAST5, which was launched last week, offers participants the fastest route to winning. With only 42 balls in the pool and a single AED 25 ticket, participants can experience the thrill of selecting 5 winning balls to get the Grand Prize. The game not only offers a chance to win the impressive Grand Prize of AED 25,000 every month for 25 years, but also offers three participants the opportunity to win substantial amounts of AED 75,000, AED 50,000, and AED 25,000 each in the Raffle Draw.

Set to take place every Saturday at 9 pm UAE time, the next FAST5 draw is scheduled to be broadcast live on June 3, 2023. Participants can enter the FAST5 draw by purchasing a ticket via the official Emirates Draw website www.emiratesdraw.com or through the app, available on both Android and Apple stores.

Emirates Draw FAST5, combines thrill, incredible prizes, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. With every purchase, participants support the planting of coral fragments as part of the organisation’s leading environmental programme in line with the UAE government’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation.

The upcoming game will be live streamed across Emirates Draw’s digital platforms, YouTube, Facebook, and the official website. Be the next lucky winner and book your numbers early! For more information, call the toll-free number 800 7777 7777 or visit www.emiratesdraw.com and stay tuned with the latest updates by following Emirates Draw on social media platforms @emiratesdraw.

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