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Want to expand your social circle? ASKWHO, the Dubai-founded social media app, invites UAE residents to join weekly events and make like-minded friends

Dubai, UAE, September 27, 2022 – With temperatures starting to cool down and the UAE’s busiest season officially begins, social media platform ASKWHO has created a way for residents to meet new people and connect with those who share their interests.

Proudly founded in Dubai, ASKWHO hosts a full programme of varied and inclusive events throughout the autumn season and invites everyone to sign up and participate.

Whether users have just moved to the UAE or have lived here for years, the ASKWHO events provide an easy way for people to meet other like-minded individuals from their city, create meaningful and genuine friendships, and discover new things to do in their local area.

Spanning everything from brunches, hikes, dinners, desert BBQs and other sociable activities, different meet-ups that cover all interests are arranged every week through the ASKWHO app.

ASKWHO is on a mission to improve people’s mental health and combat loneliness. Its unique, tailored newsfeed, intuitive user interface, moderated groups, and tailored over 95 interests format make it easy for users to make friends, share tips and information about their home city and find local events to attend.

Launched in the UAE in October 2021, ASKWHO now has an incredible 130,000 users that are growing 60% month on month, all based across the UAE. Boasting 15 main groups and 95 niche topics, there’s a designated community for every passion and hobby, whether it’s sport, art, fitness, reading, dancing or simply socialising.

Found to hold a better retention rate than any other mainstream social media application on the market, including Facebook, Reddit, Discord and IRL, ASKWHO has helped thousands of people across Dubai and beyond make new friends and improve their lives.

Free to download, ASKWHO offers extra in-app purchase subscription options, and each event is either free or priced separately.

Filled with suggestions about things to do and how to get the most out of living in a city as vibrant and happening as Dubai, ASKWHO has become so successful in the UAE that it plans to expand to the UK in 2023.

ASKWHO is spearheaded by co-founders Michael Askew and Matthew Gaziano, two driven and motivated former colleagues who have worked together across the Middle East for eight years.

Michael says: “Both Matthew and I know how hard it can be to make friends and settle in when you first move to a new city. This inspired us to create ASKWHO, an application specifically designed to help you make friends with like-minded people and get more out of life. We have also taken any awkwardness out of meeting up in real life by hosting our own events. We’ve organised brunches, daycations, BBQs, yacht parties, and more meet-ups that have all been well attended, and users are now creating their own events, too, that are taking place every day of the week. Whether you’ve just arrived or have been living in the UAE for years, we want to encourage everyone to join ASKWHO and check out all the events we have coming up.”

Meanwhile, ASKWHO user Sarah Connor says: “Dubai needed this! ASKWHO has been my app ever since I downloaded it. I easily found amazing like-minded people who treasure the true meaning behind real friendship. Those people are rare, and I’m so happy to find a community that is easily accessible and generous! Usually, there seems to have little management on different apps and less interaction. But here, you find the best quality of people and lifestyle based on your interests!’

While another ASKWHO user Jack Withmore says: Forget Facebook and Instagram, welcome to real life. This app really connects people. I have people on my Facebook and Instagram whom I have no connection with at all. We have not conversed on Facebook or Instagram or met in person. I think it’s absolutely amazing and necessary to have something that connects us beyond this superficial side of life. We need it now more than ever! I love this app and fell in love with it after the first event I attended.”

ASKWHO is available to download now on the App Store and is also coming soon to Google Play. ASKWHO is also now crowdfunding to enable UAE residents to join their journey as they prepare to scale into new markets. To find out more, please visit www.askwho.com