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The Must-have Items to Add Joy and Spirit to your Summer Activities

 Whether it’s a Sunday summer brunch, kids’ playdate or a personal exercise time, Flying Tiger Copenhagen has all the solutions from one place.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen which recently launched its first store in the UAE at The Dubai Hills Mall, brings together plenty of lifestyle products that are useful for all family members, all for very affordable prices.

The Danish brand has more than 900 stores worldwide in more than 30 countries and brings together usefulness and fun experiences in its unique range of products and award-winning designs.

The Picnics Set

Is it summer already? Summer is all about soaking up rays, spending time with family and friends and making memories.

Planning a summer themed picnic or a afternoon gathering with friends and family outdoors or indoors, here are some set up ideas with affordable products available at the Flying Tiger Copenhagen store.

  • Fill your picnic basket with bread and freshly baked pastries (AED 70)
  • Layer your cheese platter and add some colorful vegetables (AED 25)
  • Use the floral Ceramic dinner plates for warm meals (AED 35)
  • Next to them place blue glasses for fresh drinks (AED 15)
  • Fill the big ceramic bowl with fruit cuts (AED 25)
  • Add olive spread to small floral bowl (AED 8)
  • Use cutlery sets packed in floral dofre(AED 18)
  • Don’t forget the Salt and Pepper grinders in bright red (AED 10)
  • Decorate the table set up with Ceramic Candle Holders (AED 12)

The Outdoor Play Set

Running out of ideas for your child’s next playdate or birthday?

We’ve got you covered! Steps to spread the joy with those best priced items from Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

  • Fill the toy water pumps with refills for friendly water play(AED 40)
  • Place the cones for a football game or circuit run (AED 25)
  • Get the skateboard rolling (AED 70)
  • Spare some time to build their own airplane and fly it (AED 25)
  • Always pass the ball around and score a goal! (AED 15)

The Fitness and Message Set

This year is your year to get fit! Easy steps to get started with your dream fitness schedule.

  • Inhale
  • Hold it
  • Exhale
  • Spread the mat (AED 70)
  • Lean on your Ab Wheel (AED 40)
  • Hop hop hop using your skipping rope (AED 10)
  • Use the hand grip for hundreds of counts (AED 15)
  • Use the massage roller to release all the tension (AED 50)
  • Don’t forget your smartphone running armband (AED 18)