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First MED-EL Passive Middle Ear Implant Surgery in United Arab Emirates & Middle East


Dubai – April 25, 2022 : Tapping into the importance and raising awareness on the implantable hearing solutions available to cure different types of hearing loss for adult individuals and children; the doctors in the region focus their efforts to provide hearing care for all.

On the 14th of April 2022, Dr. Ahmed Nofal performs the very first MED-EL passive middle ear implant in the United Arab Emirates & the Middle East in Al Reem hospital in Abu Dhabi, The patient was suffering from erosion in parts of the middle ear (ossicular chain) with tympanic membrane perforation which in turn led to hearing loss and now that he successfully implanted MED-EL PMEIs, his hearing is restored and he will be able to live a normal life once again.

MED-EL’s mission is to overcome hearing losses as a barrier to communication and quality of life. Additionally, it is driven by one main thing: A passion to help people with hearing loss to hear life again; that’s why the company has put all their experience from the fields of development of active hearing implants, ear surgery and hearing rehabilitation into the development MED-EL’s passive middle ear implants.

The high-precision passive middle ear implants from MED-EL have a highly sophisticated design that combines efficient sound transmission with easy surgical handling. With the 11 adaptable prostheses to choose from—each in a variety of sizes—there’s a solution to suit both the surgical preferences and the patient’s individual anatomy.

  • Sophisticated design
  • Created by hearing experts
  • Adaptable to individual anatomy

Dr. Ahmed Nofal stated ‘’As an ENT Surgeon, we could only identify during the surgery which prostheses is appropriate for the patient. But now with the length-adjustable system from MED-EL we could be sure to have the correct prosthesis in the OR, saving us a lot of time during the surgery.”

“MED-EL is known to be the only company to offer a complete portfolio of implantable hearing solutions. Whichever hearing solution the patient might need, now or in the future, you’ll find a partner for life in MED-EL” says Tamer Al Shahat, CEO MED-EL Middle East

For more information about MED-EL PMEIs, Passive Middle Ear Implants | MED-EL Pro (medel.pro)