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Students of “ESMOD Dubai” visit Geo Chem labs to learn about the testing process of fashion elements…


Dubai – 15 APR 2022:  Geo Chem Laboratories in DUBAI welcomed 18 students from the French Fashion Institute, ESMOD, in order to introduce them to the work processes regarding textiles, leather, toys and shoes.

Future fashion designers arrived in two groups accompanied each by a fashion professor, where they were met by Manish Kumar, CEO of Geo Chem Middle East and North Africa, as well as a group of lab experts.

The students listened to Mr. Kumar explaining the fundamentals of quality in the world of fashion, which begins at the pre-production stage and consists of a series of tests on clothing and accessories, including GMS test, colour matching test, stain resistance test, dimensional stability test, seam strength test, flammability test and endurance in different environments, as well as slip resistance test, heel strength teat and many other leather footwear testing. He also showed students the importance of adhering to quality standards and specifications to ensure the success of any product in the market and to earn the trust of consumers.

Students at the French Institute ESMOD Dubai also visited the textile testing department at Geo Chem, which is one of the most important testing laboratories in the Middle East, and the number one textile testing company in Dubai, where textiles, fabrics and clothing (such as evening wear, everyday wear, pajamas, jeans, scarves and others) undergo various tests starting from picking textile samples to the completion of the final product.

They also learned about the steps of issuing a certificate of conformity, and the packaging and safe shipping of goods exported abroad.

Manish Kumar commented on the visit saying: Geo Chem is keen to fulfill her responsibilities towards its community and to spread awareness amongst the generations interested in business sectors and to show them of the importance of learning about matters of quality and specification, and students who have made career choices, such as those at fashion institutes, are the first to benefit from such visits so they start their careers later with knowledge of all the details to their success.