24 May، 2024

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الرئيسية » Articles » Young Real Estate tycoon Firas Al Msaddi turns author with ‘The Art of Real Estate Investment – From Entry to Exit.’

Young Real Estate tycoon Firas Al Msaddi turns author with ‘The Art of Real Estate Investment – From Entry to Exit.’

A comprehensive manual that decodes Dubai’s sprawling real estate sector, the book is equipped to guide its readers with inside knowledge to arrive at the right investment decisions.

 Adding another facet to his dynamic personality, real estate tycoon; Firas Al Msaddi turns author with the unveiling of his first book, ‘The Art of Real Estate Investment – From Entry to Exit’. The young leader at fäm Properties deep dives into Dubai’s real estate investment portfolio to lay out the nuances and help readers make the right decisions through knowledge and negotiations.

Speaking about the inspiration behind writing this book, Firas Al Msaddi (Founder & CEO, fäm Properties & Executive Chairman at fäm Group) said; “My experience with Dubai’s iconic nameplate developers made me realize that there is so much more than what meets the eye. If this underlying wealth of knowledge is made available to investors in a language that they’ll understand then, it could prove a turning point for Dubai’s real estate sector. With this book, I wish to equip readers with inside knowledge and skills to negotiate while investing in a property in Dubai. I dedicate my first book to HH Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for making Dubai’s Real Estate market an alluring sector.”

Published by Motivate Media Group the hardback book runs through 192 pages written in English. The book lays out the basics of the real estate market, explores the do’s and don’ts of investing, and helps readers with novel perspectives on opportunities that the sector has to offer. Split into four distinct sections, the book starts with the author’s inspiring journey from a salesman to Dubai’s most successful real estate businessman. The book further navigates through the real estate sector, revealing the inside story, building the basics of investing in real estate to establishing the importance of using data to compare and negotiate. The book is a comprehensive manual that equips its readers with the necessary tools and knowledge to make well-informed decisions when investing in Dubai’s real estate.