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Geo Chem Middle East : Dates undergo over 25 tests before they’re released to the market!

UAE – March 29 –  2022 : As Ramadan nears and the preparations to welcome it begin, the demand for dates, one of the most crucial elements on the Iftar table, increases throughout the holy month. Since palm trees are the most popular plants in the country, and the Gulf states in general, some believe that dates sold in the markets come directly from the trees without undergoing quality tests that protect consumer’s safety.

Thus, Geo Chem International Laboratories specializing in quality tests, revealed that dates are subjected to a series of physical, chemical, and biological tests performed by specialized experts in highly equipped laboratories to ensure their safety to the consumer and their quality and validity, before putting them in the market.

Manish Kumar, CEO of the Geo Chem Middle East and North Africa, noted that dates, whether to be sold in local markets or exported abroad, are subjected to a series of more than 25 tests, including some for moisture content, mould, iron and zinc, yeast and molds, escherichia coli, mineral impurities, pesticide residue, and acid insoluble ash.

The packaging is also tested, as well as the weight and size of dates and their conformity with the country’s standards and the technical specifications adopted in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

He added: Dates, like any other product, have a fixed expiration date, especially when they are packaged and kept in different environments. Proper testing of dates or any other food or non-food product may also prevent merchants from suffering losses of product withdrawal due to faults in manufacturing, storage or unmet specifications.

Mr Manish concluded: We must praise the specific laws and the continuous follow-up and inspection campaigns carried out by the competent authorities in the United Arab Emirates on dates, especially prior to the holy month of Ramadan, which provide consumers with a safe product and regulate markets. About us:

Geo-Chem Group Founded in 1964, is an independent company that provides inspection and testing services for manufacturers, retailers, governments, insurance companies as well as international buyers and sellers of goods and products. Geo-Chem offers worldwide coordinated cargo inspection and testing services for high value bulk commodity cargo during critical transportation, custody transfer and storage operations

Geo Chem has branches in the UAE, Oman, Jordan, China, Egypt, India, Madagascar, Bangladesh, and Mexico. Today, the group is one of the largest testing and inspection companies with global confidence and experience.

For more details, visit website https://portal.geochemcpslims.com