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Revival of Aesthetics – A.I. Driven Immersive New Media Art Experience & NFT drop by Orkhan Mammadov

With the rise of the digital age, importance of adopting the past to the future is crucially important to save our heritage from disappearing. Revival of Aesthetics, an art exhibition by Orkhan Mammadov works on the representations of the Middle Eastern cultural history to secure dialogue between the future and the past, dystopian and utopian.

Hosted by ToDA and co-curated by the Generative Gallery, the exhibition aims at creating imaginary rugs that didn’t exist so far by combining the data painting technique, pattern, symbol recognition, thread simulation & color data. While honoring the term “pattern” traditionally; Mammadov merges this term with its usage in today’s world; machine algorithms that recognize regularities in data.


In honor of colliding the past and future of carpets; during the experience, visitors will be able to witness current locations and uses of the embroideries all over the world, while simultaneously allowing them to step into the new world of metaverse without losing connection with the ancient roots.

Generative Gallery is a live audio-visual project driven by the global art community collaboration. Among its many formats are offline exhibitions, online special projects, NFT-integrations, public talks delivered by artists and explorers of digital art. Generative Gallery offers various spaces that serve as a perfect meeting point for the audience, providing a unique opportunity for digital art to go offline while allowing the viewer to experience interaction with technological art.

Location: ToDA, Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Price: AED 100 – Adult Regular, AED 50 – Child Regular

Timing: 10th March 2022 to 30th April 2022 (except Mondays & Tuesdays)

To book your ticket, please visit: